An Effortfully Q&A with Tayamika

SONG: Effortfully 

RELEASE DATE: 5 January 2024


To put it simply, ‘Effortfully’ is about self acceptance. It is about recognising, deciding, and celebrating all of who you are. It’s about radically accepting all the parts of you and breaking away from people pleasing and self doubt.

Initially, I called the song ‘Effortlessly’ but I didn’t feel that was an accurate description of the unending self love and acceptance journey. It is something you have to choose and work towards everyday. You have to put in effort to show yourself love everyday. It’s not an effortless action. If anything, it’s “effortful”. 

What inspired or influenced this project: 

My personal journey with self acceptance and self love. 

What was it like writing & recording this?

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I spent 3 weeks listening to the instrumental of ‘Effortfully’ before I wrote the words “I like it anyway.” They felt like an accurate description of how self acceptance is.  Regardless of what they think, “I like it anyway.”

After that, the writing flowed and I had a whole song ready to be recorded. I had never considered myself to be a songwriter, so I was very excited to have written all of ‘Effortfully’.

I didn’t share any of it with HeisLiv (my producer for the song) until it was time to record. It meant a lot to me that he trusted my vision and the process as we worked on the project. We spent around 7 hours in the studio working on the song and completed it that same day. 

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