Welcome to The Diamond Standard, a dynamic and forward-thinking music media and entertainment company located in Lilongwe.

Our core expertise lies in artist development, A&R services, artist consultancy, music education, and music business workshop facilitation. We are deeply committed to nurturing the exceptional potential of emerging Malawian music talent.
 Connecting budding talents to artist development opportunities our unwavering dedication is to guide and uplift musicians on their journey to success, both locally and globally.
Whether you are a passionate newcomer looking to refine your skills, an aspiring artist eager to connect with industry professionals, or a seasoned musician seeking a platform to showcase your talent, The Diamond Standard is dedicated to supporting you on your path to success, both within our local music scene and on the global stage.
We welcome artists to join us on this exciting journey, as we collectively work to elevate the vibrant cultural tapestry of Malawi and make a lasting impact on the global music industry.