The Emerging Artists’ Guide

Unpacking the Blank Media Levy Controversy: Fair Use or Fair Compensation?

Debate on blank media levies involves consumer rights, technology’s impact, artist compensation, effectiveness, and global legal inconsistencies.

How to Maximise Music Royalties in Malawi

COSOMA recently distributed blank media levy royalties, to the glee and disappointment of established and…

The Power of Credits: Elevating Your Music on DSPs

Crediting producers, writers, instrumentalists, and all contributors is key to acknowledging their dedication and talent. However, many Malawian artists currently leave these critical sections blank, displaying only their name in the “Credits” section.

Empowering Malawian Producers: Registering with CMOs, Contracts, and Split Sheets

For Malawian producers, understanding the role of Performing Rights Organisations and Collecting Management Organisations adds to creating multiple sources of income for their art and craft.