The Power of Credits: Elevating Your Music on DSPs

In the digital age of music consumption, the process of sharing one’s musical creations has evolved drastically. As an artist, you have the incredible opportunity to not only create art but also to collaborate with a multitude of talented individuals who contribute to the final masterpiece.

The Unseen Impact: Crediting Contributors as Industry Catalysts

Beyond the surface, the act of crediting producers, writers, and other contributors when uploading your music to platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and more holds a deeper significance that resonates throughout the industry.

In this article, we delve into the reasons why including comprehensive credits is a pivotal step toward not only acknowledging your creative partners but also elevating the Malawian music industry to be prepared for ensuring all contributors to the music landscape are compensated well in years to come.

Acknowledging Collaborators:

Music is rarely a solo endeavor. The seamless fusion of lyrics, melodies, and production is the result of a collective effort. We are yet to see more collaborative efforts in the Malawian music industry that involves multiple songwriters and producers on singles, EPs and albums.

Elevating Collaboration: Recognising Unsung Contributors

Crediting the producers, writers, instrumentalists, and any other contributors provides due recognition to their dedication and talent. Currently, most music uploaded by Malawian artists only displays the artist name in the “Credits” section with the other sections blank with a “-“.

Changing this using platforms such as Musixmatch & via the Digital Service Providers to which music is submitted before release can make a real difference in the world of metadata for Malawian music. This acknowledgement fosters a sense of camaraderie and respect within the creative community as we have seen in other industries such as the UK, USA, Europe & South Africa, opening doors to future collaborations and networking opportunities. Read more on Song Credits via Spotify

Enhancing Music’s Narrative:

Behind every great song, there’s a story waiting to be told. Including comprehensive credits allows listeners to understand the intricate web of artistic contributions that shape the music.

Bridging Historical Gaps: Honouring Malawi’s Uncharted Talent

Malawi’s pool of talent from songwriters, instrumentalists, producers and artists has gone undocumented for decades, leading to gaps in the metadata of classic Malawian music. With technology we can now capture each contributor properly, and each credit is a chapter in the narrative of what Malawian music and artists are bringing to the table – from the songwriter who pens emotionally resonant lyrics to the producer who crafts the sonic landscape. This insight enriches the listener’s experience, fostering a deeper connection to Malawian music.

Professionalism and Transparency:

In an industry built on relationships, professionalism stands as a cornerstone. By meticulously detailing the roles of contributors, you establish a reputation as an artist who values transparency and respects the work of fellow creators.

Empowering Revenue Transparency and Accurate Payouts

It also goes a long way in helping organizations such as Cosoma and any future performing rights organizations and collecting management organisations in Malawi to ensure revenue generated by music creatives is linked to their digital fingerprints and hence a more accurate revenue payout.

This commitment to professionalism resonates with not only local listeners but also potential global collaborators, producers, and music executives seeking Malawian artists with a genuine dedication to their craft.

Industry Recognition and Opportunities:

Beyond the creative realm, credits play a pivotal role in the visibility of Malawian music within the local and global music industry. Producers, writers, and collaborators often seek opportunities through networking and portfolio showcasing.

By crediting them accurately, you become a trusted artist who others want to collaborate with, potentially opening doors to projects that you might not have otherwise encountered.

Strengthening Your Brand:

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Your identity as an artist encompasses more than just your musical style. It’s also built on the values you uphold and the relationships you forge.

In some instances, well-known Malawian artists and producers have co-produced or co-written hits or classic music with lesser known music creatives without properly crediting their contributions when registering their music with Cosoma or submitting to DSPs.

This has somewhat negatively impacted the emergence of Malawian songwriters & co-producers and their ability to generate revenue from their significant contributions.

Detailed credits reflect an artist’s commitment to integrity, teamwork, and professionalism – all of which contribute to their personal brand. In a landscape where authenticity is cherished, these qualities can set you apart and garner the respect of peers and listeners alike.

Legal and Royalty Implications:

Comprehensive credits are not just a matter of courtesy; they often have legal and financial implications. As mentioned before, accurately crediting contributors ensures that everyone involved is rightfully recognised and compensated for their work.

This adherence to ethical practices is crucial in avoiding legal disputes and ensures that everyone receives their due share of royalties. It also can play a role in elevating the financial status of Malawian music creatives & creating real revenue in the Malawian music industry.

To conclude, credits are much more than names on a digital platform. They are a testament to the collaborative spirit that can fuel the Malawian music industry, a window into Malawian music artists’ creatives process, and a powerful tool for enhancing their reputation and brand.

In our upcoming article, we will delineate the process of accurately submitting credits for music contributors on your music projects.

So, the next time you prepare to upload your music to DSPs, remember that each credit you include is an investment in the authenticity, impact, and success of your musical journey.

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