Named after the vibrant Tsoka market in Lilongwe city, Malawi, “Ku Tsoka” delves into the emotions of being away from a loved one who holds a special place in Issabel’s heart. Drawing from personal experiences, Issabel expresses the profound longing to return to a time and place filled with cherished memories and connections.

Issabel King x Refilwe “Ku Tsoka” on Spotify

The song begins with a recording made during a visit to Tsoka market with her mother, adding an authentic and nostalgic touch to the track. Capturing the ambient sounds of Tsoka market with her mother, bringing her presence into the song, enhancing the emotional depth of the track.

“Inspiration often strikes in unexpected moments, such as while at work or listening to a friend play the guitar,” says Issabel. The creative process behind “Ku Tsoka” began with a simple melody that evolved into a heartfelt ode inspired by her personal experiences of longing and connection. Collaborating with producer TrappyBeats and featuring Malawian poetess Refilwe added depth and richness to the song, enhancing its emotional impact.

Kutsoka Music Video directed by Eliyah Black

Issabel King’s distinctive blend of genres, indie-folk, pop, and contemporary Christian music, combined with her soulful vocals and heartfelt storytelling, creates a unique and captivating listening experience.

Exploring themes of love, self-rediscovery, hope, and the bittersweet joy of reconnecting with loved ones, Ku Tsoka takes you through poignant lyrics and soul melodies. Issabel invites listeners to reflect on their own experiences of longing and connection, a relatable human experience.

Issabel King’s “Harmony” Music Video

Growing up in various places and experiencing distance from her family has deeply influenced Issabel King’s music and storytelling. “Ku Tsoka” serves as a celebration of the profound connection shared with her mother, capturing the essence of their bond and the longing for reunification.

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Since her debut EP, Issabel King has continued to evolve her music style, incorporating elements from diverse genres and exploring new approaches to songwriting. This evolution is evident in “Ku Tsoka,” where listeners can hear a fusion of different musical influences and a refined skill in storytelling.

Issabel King’s 2022 Album “Strings of Love”

Through her music, Issabel King is creating a bridge for listeners to connect with themselves, their loved ones, and their spirituality. As Issabel King continues to evolve her music style and storytelling, Issabel King is solidifying her place as a rising star in the Malawian music industry with her powerful voice and lyrics.

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