“KBANDA”: A Malawian Hip Hop Anthem by dvmiwrong Featuring Ovilera and Hayze Engola

“As soon as I made the beat and recorded the verse and chorus, I sent it to Hayze. I knew I wanted him on the song and he agreed as soon as he heard it. My good friend Ali Rose recommended Ovilera as another guest feature because I had mentioned I wanted another feature. I love collaborating with other rappers because I’m a producer first and a rapper second,” dvmiwrong shared about the creative process behind “KBANDA.”

Reflecting on leadership and music, dvmiwrong remarked, “I think good leaders react to people’s needs but also provide good direction. They motivate and inspire hope and belief. And by people, I mean everyone, not just a few. As far as presidents go, finding that balance separates good leaders from bad ones. It boils down to resource management and making as many people happy as possible within those limits.”

Currently, dvmiwrong has “Umaopa Zingati?” by Mario Bros on repeat. “Firstly, it has a fire verse from Hayze, but also I just love the carefree energy that Mario Bros have. They only care about making hip hop music that they and people like them would enjoy, and they’re unapologetic about it. And it slaps, so we love it too!”

When it comes to hip hop culture, dvmiwrong considers Kendrick his GOAT and believes that battling is an integral part of rap. 

“Rap wouldn’t be what it is without it. Diss songs are beneficial to rap as long as they stay non-violent. Look what that beef did for hip hop music commercially!” he noted, referencing the infamous 50 Cent and Ja Rule feud.

“KBANDA” is not just a song; it’s a reflection of the ever-evolving Malawian hip hop landscape and dvmiwrong’s commitment to creating music that resonates both locally and globally.

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Now available on all major streaming platforms, “KBANDA”.

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About dvmiwrong:

dvmiwrong is an emerging hip hop artist from Lilongwe known for his dark, 808-heavy beats and introspective lyrics. He has collaborated with notable artists such as Hayze Engola, KIM of Diamonds, Jasondus, Twnda, Ali Rose, and Synik. His most recent song, “Neeson,” was released in April 2024, following his debut solo project “Always Late” from August 2019.

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