Chiko Chalie’s “Brown Skin Girl” A Self-Love Mantra for the Girlies!

Inspired by legendary icons like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, Chiko Chalie’s musical prowess began to blossom through winning prestigious talent shows such as Nyasa’s Got Talent and Sunbird’s E-Wallet talent show. In 2019, she made her debut with the soul-stirring track “Illusions,” captivating audiences with her emotive vocals and poignant lyrics.

Her latest new single, ”Brown Skin Girl,” is a heartfelt ode to self-love and empowerment that has taken some time for Chiko to craft. Dedicated to melanated young girls and women around the world, this soulful anthem serves as a beacon of hope and acceptance, celebrating the beauty and resilience of individuals of color. With a lot of dark skinned women resorting to bleaching across Africa and the world, in keeping with Western and colonial standards of beauty; it is truly refreshing to hear “Brown Skin Girl” lyrics focusing on uplifting the God-given, natural beauty dark skinned/brown skinned girls and women possess.

Brand new single “ Brown Skin Girl” Chiko Chalie (2024)

Chiko’s smooth vocals in “Brown Skin Girl” are everything! It’s not everyday you come across a Malawian vocalist with range and vocal tone like she has, a good start to standing out in a music market that is not always in favour of beastly vocalists; one that favours more commercially sounding music which tend to not focus on vocal prowess or delivery.

Reflecting on her creative process, Chiko Chalie shares, “In 2020, I penned the initial portion of ‘Brown Skin Girl’ while drawing inspiration from the influential women in my life. I revisited the song again, and I had new energy to give to the song during the recording process and I cannot wait for people to hear it!”

Chiko Chalie (2023)

What else has Chiko Chalie been working on lately?

Chiko Chalie has been busy over the past couple years collaborating with fellow artists like GrisVer (Malawian producer) and exploring various genres through songwriting and music initiatives by the Nvak Foundation, Tiwale and Music4Malawi. On her journey of evolution, her 2023 release, “Fly to You,” truly showcased her versatility and brought attention to her vocal abilities.

Engaging with platforms like Music4Malawi and hosting the Kwathu Podcast, Chiko Chalie is building herself up to becoming one of Malawi’s influential female artist in the region. Her participation in the successful Kwanu Band and representation at the esteemed 2023 Maso Awards further added experience and confirmation that she is set on building up her accolades as a well-rounded rising star.

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Collaboration with GriSver

Now, with eager anticipation surrounding her upcoming debut EP, “Pandora’s Box,” slated for release in 2024, Chiko Chalie is excited about drawing her listeners in with her diverse musical styles and poignant themes.

Navigating the challenges of the creative process, Chiko Chalie remains steadfast in her commitment to authenticity and empowerment.

Chiko Chalie is looking forward to using the power of music to inspire, uplift and unite people as she continues to evolve as a rising artist.

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