Twnda’s Unwavering Self Belief & the Power of Music

It’s a pleasure to share with you my journey, the philosophies that have guided me, and the impact that technology has had on my growth as a musician in Malawi. From my childhood drum pad to the invaluable experience at Baseline Studios, music has been a constant in my life and a source of inspiration, motivation, and self-discovery. I hope that my story inspires you to continue pursuing your own passions and to always believe in yourself and your capabilities.

Twnda (2023)

I believe music has the power to guide us in life, bringing us to where we want to go in mysterious ways. It’s a force that can influence our relationships, our businesses, and even our own self-discovery. For me, music has always been a constant in my life, starting from a young age with my exposure to different genres and sounds.

From hours spent on my childhood drum pad to discovering the art of beat-making, my passion for music grew with each experience. I learned from the greats like Kanye West, whose album “The Graduation” was one of the first full albums I ever listened to. I was introduced to new sounds by my cousin William, who burned CDs of popular music, and my passion for music was further fueled by my time at Baseline Studios, where I was able to record hundreds of songs and further hone my craft.

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But perhaps the most important aspect of my journey has been my unwavering self-belief. I never had any self-doubt, knowing I was capable and good at what I do. This confidence is a result of the time, effort, and dedication I put into my craft, and I always strive to be the best version of myself for myself and others.

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