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“Ever since the start of my career, I have always yearned to keep my fan base fed,” Ja$per begins, reflecting on his journey. Collaborating with artists like Eril, Edwardo, and Jomo the AfroPrince, he gained a deeper understanding of the music industry’s pulse. “I grew the urge of wanting to drop projects that people can listen and relate to, love and sing along to,” he adds, a spark of passion evident in his voice.

The tape’s title, “4.AM IN 47,” is more than just a catchy phrase—it’s a tribute to the late-night studio sessions in Area 47, a place steeped in history and culture. “Area 47 alone is a place of great history and culture,” Ja$per explains. “A lot of legends have lived and passed on in this part of the city.” For him, it symbolizes modernization and a new era in African culture, a testament to the possibilities that artists like him have been exposed to.

Ja$per’s “4 AM in 47”

Inspiration struck for the title from his close collaborator, ITSFRIDAY, with whom he had a playful project in the works. “The title was inspired by ITSFRIDAY,” Ja$per reveals. “That was a playful name we had for a tape that I and him were working on at the time.” Thus, “4.AM IN 47” was born, a blend of nostalgia, homage, and a nod to the rhythm of their late-night music sessions.

Ja$per’s mentor, Rekinboy 101, played a pivotal role in shaping the project’s genre. “He talked about the fusion of the trap sound with some rhythm and blues,” Ja$per recalls. This fusion of genres is evident in the tape, where trap beats meet soulful melodies, creating a canvas for Ja$per’s introspective lyrics.

Ja$per performing

“If you are up by 4 am, it is either because you cannot sleep or it is because you are in deep thought and meditation,” Ja$per muses, explaining the significance of the project’s title. “So that’s where I was mentally at 4.am in 47.” It’s a time of introspection, of wrestling with life’s complexities, and finding solace in music.

Tracks like “Appreciate Me” and “Glitter Ain’t Gold (Interlude)” explores themes of self-worth, the allure of superficiality, and the deeper truths behind glittering facades. “I hope listeners can self-convict themselves through the lyrics,” Ja$per expresses. “Feelings of hope and logical reasoning when making decisions in life and within relationships.”

The project also pays homage to Ja$per’s mentors, whose passing left a profound impact on his life and music. “The death of two of my mentors,” he reflects, “was a turning point, a realization of the fleeting nature of life and the importance of cherishing every moment.”

From the struggles of raising a music career in challenging circumstances to the thirst for continuous growth and expression, “4.AM IN 47” is a tape that encapsulates Ja$per’s journey of self-discovery and artistic evolution. “At first, I wrote bars,” Ja$per recalls, reminiscing about his early days as a rapper. “But my perspective broadened… I also want to be able to sing and make the ladies scream, cry, and dance.”

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Ja$per’s musical influences are as diverse as his sound, drawing inspiration from artists like Chris Brown, Future, and Brent Faiyaz. “I like to think of myself as an R&B artist that listens to a lot of trap music,” he shares, explaining his eclectic taste.

“Makin’ the song ‘Appreciate Me’ was a very emotional process for me,” Ja$per admits, speaking about the vulnerability in his music. “I rarely get the chance to truly express my feelings and get as vulnerable as I did on that song.” It’s a testament to his growth as an artist, unafraid to bare his soul through his music.

As “4.AM IN 47” resonates with audiences, Ja$per hopes it serves as a mirror for listeners, reflecting their own struggles and triumphs. “It’s not only good things that happen in neighborhoods and communities,” Ja$per emphasizes. “All of these processes are what make up growing up and maturing to finally realizing and seeing life for what it truly is.”

In the tape’s melodies and lyrics, Ja$per invites listeners on a journey—a journey of late-night musings, heartbreaks, triumphs, and the raw realities of life. “Every moment lived must be cherished,” he concludes, his voice carrying the weight of experience and the hope of tomorrow.

As the music fades, one thing is clear—Ja$per’s “4.AM IN 47” is not just an album. It’s a testament to resilience, growth, and the power of music to transcend borders and speak to the human experience – telling stories of a community, a culture, and a journey of self-discovery.

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