Dvmiwrong’s New “Neeson” Single Inspired by Daughter

With one of his most recent tracks, “Perfect” featuring Ali Rose, released in 2023, the enigmatic Dvimiwrong set the stage for his latest 2024 single drop “Neeson.” With his debut solo project “Always Late” still making waves since its launch in August 2019, Dvmiwrong continues to push his boundaries and redefine his expression of hip hop in Malawi and beyond.

Dviwrong (2024)

Neeson, drawing inspiration from the blockbuster movie “Taken,” where Liam Neeson’s character embarks on a relentless quest to save his kidnapped daughter, “Neeson” delves into the depths of paternal instinct and protection. With aggressive bass lines, heavy boom bap-style drums, and a haunting piano riff, the beat serves as a powerful backdrop to Dvmiwrong’s lyrical narrative.

“Knowing that I was soon to become a father to a daughter, I wanted to capture that protective nature fathers have and translate it into a song,” shares dvmiwrong, offering a glimpse into the personal story that shaped “Neeson.”

– Dvmiwrong, on his single “Neeson” 2024

dvimiwrong’s latest single “Neeson”

But this is not Dvmiwrong’s first rodeo, he had been releasing music consistently over the years then suddenly he went ghost. We were curious to know what happened for him to disappear. Shortly after he released Always Late, his computer crashed leaving him in a weird grieving stage for his lost catalogues of sounds, samples and plugins, especially drum kits.

“This had happened to me before and I was always able to keep it moving with the same hard drive in a new PC or copying my stuff to a new PC. So literally the catalogue I had built up between 2009-2019 was lost along with everything else on my hard-drive. In hindsight, this took a bigger toll on me mentally and therefore creatively than I thought. I felt like I couldn’t create – kinda like a writers block. And for me rapping comes after producing, if i can’t produce I rap less which is why since Always Late, I had only dropped Blood Pressure (produced by MBK beats) and featured in Casanova by Jasondus…” relays Dvmiwrong.

Coming back to his recent release and eagerness to churn out more heavy hitters. Dvmiwrong says the silver-lining of the break allowed him to see what others were doing and how; while he built up his plugins and sounds again.

“To learn new techniques and to experience life which for me also helps me create because I create from experiences in my life or my perspective on things I see. So 2023 was my I’m back year and 2024 is my I’m really back year…”

About the current state of the Malawian music industry and artists, Dvimwrong is particularly excited about the music industry growing online. People are engaging more but also dope artists are being discovered.

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“Hip hop specifically has been amazing. You can’t help but love what Mario Bros are doing as a collective. Twnda who I’ve known for the longest is finally getting his flowers, he’s just started, he’s very talented, he produces as well.”

Dvmiwrong x Ali Rose “Perfect”

You can expected Dvmiwrong to drop 2 songs in the next month – the first K Banda featuring Hayze & Ovilera which will come with a video. The second song is with Twnda, Hayze and Dee Oh Dub which are complete already with final touches remaining.

“I am also working on Tuesdays 2 with Ali Rose so maybe later this year. And then I have a top secret EP I’m executive producing. Also producing for an American artist I know from high school called Naishe. So basically I’m trying to be everywhere at once. This time, there’s no stopping”

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