Xmth Pens “something I wrote” Out of his Pain

His latest project something i wrote is a blend of rap trap emo trap trapsoul and drill  produced by Soundsbykaeleel, nn-fi, Rasamsohrabi and Static80Holics.

When we asked about the inspiration behind this project he said pain is a huge motivation behind the music not that he’s happy saying that but it is what it is. 

The Malawian native sees his latest achievements of passing a thousand streams on Audiomack as a reflection of having a growing audience for his unique sound and pain so to speak.

When asked about the creative process behind something a root he says they had to lay a solid concept that would reflect something emotional but more than so the project wasn’t titled something I wrote as it is now he says.

I think my producer wanted to record his tape titled cosmic love at the time so, we recorded more material than we released in the project. He selected a few songs that I felt attached to and the rest is history. The piece came together because the selected material was in line with the concept and the title,” reflects Xmth.

His favorite songs from the project are Like you, Soda and Escape he highly recommends listening to these first when checking out something i wrote.

The biggest message he wants to relay to listeners is how temporary pain is, how we are not alone in our daily struggle for a peace of mind. With most of us going through the same struggle everyday, music can numb the emotions we feel. 

After being caught up in endless debates with people asking him if he is a rapper or not; he clarifies his journey first begun with rap, discovering his love for singing over the years. “Who knows? Might end up a full-blown singer lol.

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My vocals, music taste and style are like armor that I had to piece together along the way, no specific influences whatsoever. Rather, there is a mosaic of artists and artistry that I get influenced by. When it comes to my lyrics? I have no idea where I get them from, they just come to me naturally, I guess.”

He recalls on a funny story on what it took to put together something I wrote; having no permanent equipment to use for recording, they had to borrow a recording mic from a guy in Area 18. At times the guy would refuse to lend them the mic and it would be just Xmth & his producer listening to beats or recent material.

When he is not immersed in music, Xmth loves to paint & catch up on mythology novels of Greek, Egyptian and Norse origin; that’s if he is not watching TV. Of his albums he wishes he could feature on, he cites Bryson Tiller’s -T R A P S O U L as a masterpiece, full of different emotions, vibes and energy. 

“There are songs in that album that I relate to, I learn from and get inspired by. I wish I was a part of that album.”

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