Making Waves with Young Multi-faceted Media Personality, Chisomo Nyirenda

Throughout her career, Chisomo has showcased her talents across various platforms, including radio and television. As a news anchor, arts and entertainment presenter, and reporter, she has lent her voice to important stories and events, captivating audiences with her engaging storytelling and insightful commentary. Her work has been featured on prominent local stations such as Rainbow Television, where she has made a lasting impression with her professionalism and charisma.

Chisomo Nyirenda

In addition to her work in traditional media, Chisomo is also a skilled public speaker, known for her eloquence, vivacity, and articulate delivery. In 2023, she took on the role of Chief Pronouncer, Judge, and Host for the Malawi National Spelling Bee, showcasing her ability to command the stage and connect with audiences of all ages.

Driven by a desire to make a positive impact, Chisomo is committed to using her talents to bring about change and inspiration on a global scale. Whether she’s reporting on the latest news, hosting events, or delivering captivating voice-overs, she strives to touch the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

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As she continues to grow and evolve in her career, catch Chisomo Nyirenda as the hostess of this year’s Zoo Bush Fest Winter Bush Fest!

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