Eliyah Black’s “Kilimanjaro” – A Single on Overcoming Obstacles

Rising star Eliyah Black is back with a brand new banger, “Kilimanjaro” ft. Praise Umali & Classik! This Afrosoul masterpiece is all about overcoming obstacles and rising above the hate. With Praise Umali’s soulful vocals and Classik’s fire bars, “Kilimanjaro” is the perfect anthem for anyone who’s ever felt like they’re being held back.

The song’s title is inspired by the tallest mountain in Africa, symbolizing God’s power to lift us up even when the world is against us. Eliyah Black’s message of hope and resilience is something we can all get behind.

In a recent interview, Eliyah Black shared the inspiration behind the song: “I specifically chose Praise Umali and Classik for this track because I felt like it melodically needed their unique talents. The mellow and chilled vibe made room for some conscious rap and singing, which the two artists are really good at.”

When asked about the meaning of making music, Eliyah Black said: “Making music to me means expressing myself, pouring out my heart. It’s a way to share my experiences, thoughts, and emotions with others.”

Eliyah Black ft Praise Umali & Classick Kilimanjaro Lyric Visualiser

Eliyah Black also opened up about the personal struggles that inspired the song: “God has helped me overcome some stress related to illness, and has made me trust that He’s got my back. I’ve learned to trust in His purpose, even when things get tough.”

The artist’s advice to fans is simple yet powerful: “Trust in God and His purpose. He overcame the world, and there’s nothing too hard for Him.”

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Eliyah Black’s favorite Bible verse, Romans 8:28, has been a source of comfort and inspiration throughout his journey: “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

Get ready to vibe out to the uplifting beats and inspiring lyrics of “Kilimanjaro”!

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