Winter BushFest: M-Dubz Afro Trapper Brainlock Sticx

Two days of immersive experiences from the 6th to 7th July at Ntchezgo Corner in the northern city of Mzuzu. From local residents to international visitors, Winter BushFest invites everyone to explore and engage with the wonders of northern Malawian region.

Introducing one of the artists from the line-up: Brainlock Sticx’s , real name Charles Rex Gare, musical journey began in childhood, inspired by his parents’ involvement in the SDA choir. With his father leading the acclaimed Kamuzu Academy Choir team, Charles inherited a deep passion for music. In 2015, during his secondary school days, he began his own musical exploration.

Now, Brainlock Sticx aims to become one of Malawi’s best Soft Melodic Afro Trap artist. Drawing from his upbringing and cultural influences, he is crafting soulful compositions, fusing afro & trap; with a blend of tradition and innovation, inviting listeners to his sound.

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“People should expect a more mature and passionate version of my craft.”

About the current state of the Malawian music industry right now, Boi Sticx says “I am excited the people are awake, about the affordable internet access which has also influenced upcomers like me to gain attention without radio or TV. Right now we are talking Spotify, Audiomack, YouTube etc…”

Boi Sticx “I’ll Take It From Here” latest project

Catch Brainlock Sticx performing this July at Winter BushFest – you don’t want to miss it!

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